iDive Sport Tech+

Air, Nitrox, full Trimix and CCR, 10 mix, Air integrated, super bright backlight, compass, outdoor functions and more.

iDive Sport Tech+  - Watch dive computer: A real technical dive computer

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Watch Dive Computer: iDive Sport Tech+

USB cable
Spare O-ring for USB cable
dive strap extension

Dive ModesAir - Nitrox - Trimix (full) - CCR - Gauge - Freediving
Wireless Air Integration (Transmitter)Compatible with Ratio Color Coded Wireless Transmitter
Multi TransmitterYes, up to 10 wireless transmitters
Side Mount Multi Transmitter mode:Yes
Mix10 Mix (+ 3 Diluents) (O2: 05% - 99% / He: 0% - 95%)
Deco model (Algorithm)Buhlmann ZHL-16 B + VPM-B
Algorithm adjustmentUser settable Gradient Factors (GFL/GFH) for Buhlmann and User settable Bubble Radius for VPM
Repetitive Dives managementYes
Gas switch and Gas break during the diveYes
PO20.4 - 1.6
CNS CalculationYes
Altitude adjustmentAutomatic
Water typeSalt / Fresh
Deep StopYes
Safety Stop AdjustmentYes, Time and depth
Last deco stop depth manual adjustmentYes
AlertsAcoustic + visual
Dive PlannerNo Deco Limit + Full Deco Planner
CompassYes, 3D Compass, 1° resolution, +/- 1° accuracy
Oxygen AnalyserYes (Oxygen Analyser sold separately)
Outdoor functionsAltimeter, Barometer, temperature, Weather forecast
Other Functions (Apps)Stopwatch, Pitch&Roll, Magmeter, Lunar phases, Alarm clock, Dual Time
Pedometer (Fitness app)Yes
Display100% matrix, 80x80 pixel
BacklightLed SuperBright
Backlight activation modeTimer, Manual On&Off, Always-On in water
BezelStainless Steel
Top GlassMineral
Dive strap extensionIncluded
Weight3,2 oz / 90 gr
BatteryUSB Rechargeable Li-ion (~ 20 hr (diving), ~ 2 months (Watch-mode only), ~ 6 months (Stand-by only))
Logbook~160 hr scuba (sampling 10 sec)
Max Depth500 ft / 150 mt
PC/Mac interfaceYes, USB cable included
UpdatesYes, user updateble for free
  • $379.95 Production is working at full force, but we may take some days before to ship your order.

    A state of the art Wireless Air Transmitter that gives you the current tank pressure on the Ratio® dive computer, wirelessly and that flashes green, yellow or red according to your tank's pressure during the whole dive.

    Production is working at full force, but we may take some days before to ship your order.
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    Turn your iDive or iX3M in a professional, fully automatic Gas Mix Analyser.

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  • iDive - Watch Dive Computer

  • USB cable

  • Spare O-ring for USB cable

  • Dive Strap Extension

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